How are we different? 

1. Better Price.

Bottom line, our target is always to get you a better price than our competitors. Our model is this: 

Direct Sourcing of Raw Materials + Patented Technology +  Efficiency in Shipping/Logistics + NO Middle Men  =  Better prices for our customers 


2. Fixed Pricing. 

Reagent prices move around a lot. Take a look at the price over the past 10 years, and you can see the volatility. 


Why expose yourself to this kind of movement? DeNoxDirect℠ offers fixed pricing, so you no longer need to be exposed to price risk.

Also, we should note, we do not charge a premium for this fixed pricing. Contact us today to find out more.


3. Both our Customer Service and our DeNoxDirect℠ PREMIUM are of the Utmost Quality. 

Contact us to see for yourself the quality of our customer service. For our DeNoxDirect℠ PREMIUM, see below: